So, why am I blogging?

Initially, I wanted to create a book blog only. I love books and enjoy having discussions on them. So, I wanted a space to celebrate that love. But I was in secondary school then. I didn’t have a phone and didn’t know I could have a free blogging platform. So, I tried putting off the idea but it festered on. That was 2015.

I got into the university in 2017. I began to post my book reviews on my Facebook profile page. It was exciting.

I still wanted a blog. Luckily for me, WordPress offers a free blogging platform. I decided to grab the opportunity. However, this time I didn’t want it to be just books. I want it to revolve around my passions and interests.

There are five major categories on my blog. They include;


Have you ever read a book and felt like gushing about it only to find out that no one understands you because they haven’t read the book? Yea, I can understand that feeling. And this is what the book club does for you! It is a community of book lovers like yourself. If you’re interested, here’s how it works.

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In Nigeria today, our voices as students has been stifled. This blog series features non fiction narratives as a way of finding our voices and using them to speak against the injustice done in the university system. Watch out for the biweekly. You can send your contributions anonymously here. Indicate your choice of study, level and university.


There’s an increasing hate for motivational speakers right now. I feel disturbed because like feminists, they are misunderstood. Motivational speakers inspire you to go for your dreams. People expect them to actually change their lives but the real change has to start from you. You have to look inwards to decide what and how to bring your dreams to life. It’s the individual responsibility. This deliberate intention about making changes cuts across the different aspects of an individual. You need to invest in yourself to go far in life. Therefore, to correct the notion, I decided to create an online library specially for personal growth. For now, it includes just books. As we progress, I’ll update it with other materials. If you believe in this mission, you can access the library here.


This series features interviews with people who pioneered any startups while as an undergraduate. It could be business, clubs, fellowships, NGOs etc. We would also feature those who have innovative startups that would influence the Nigerian undergraduate positively. If you’re such individual or you have someone in mind, please use the nomination form below.


This features my short stories and poems revolving around genres such as fantasy, horror, dystopian, science fiction etc