Can you guess who just arrived???

My baby is here💃
Solid and ready to blow your mind.
It’s my first published book. A collection of short stories and poems. Plus it’s free🎉

You can get the link to download by subscribing to my blog which is also free. All you have to do is click here

After subscribing, check your email account for the download link. Then, you get my book for free.


Precious Obiabunmo ‘s debut book comes with firm promise and delight. It is a collection of flash fiction stories, and a pocketful of poems with a thousand themes — fantasy, love, youthful exuberance, rape, Igbo cosmology, campus life and so on.

They are a sum-up of her accumulated literary works over the years. This way, she allows us to see, and learn from her diverse views and reactions to the events around her through a creative lens.

Though concise, they are fresh and replete with humor so good enough to make your day.

Her stories and poems have vivid quality, fine humor, shocking instances, and deep scenarios. ‘The Chronicles of Orimili’ Kingdom reveals the legendary “Mammi water” in her glory; ‘Disillusioned’ mirrors the vicissitudes of Nigerian campus life; ‘Society Won’t Believe You’ sheds some light on the reality of rape; ‘Undesirable’ wounds around heartbreak; ‘In The Beginning’ reenacts the myth of Igbo cosmology. And many more.

Her work is a masterpiece. I solidly recommend for everyone. -Henry Chidi Ogechukwu.

You should see the keen interest I used in reading this book. This book has so many themes in it. Love, rage, death, betrayal and so on. In it are short poems and stories are carefully written to make the reader active and wanting for more. My favorite is one of the short poems” death-like poetry”. I love the way it was written (the ending had so much effect on me).. 5 7 5 a haiku, Smiles. In all, this book is filled with so many interesting tales. Hurry now, get a copy and enjoy! –Chiamaka Obiabunmo

I read your book earlier today. It was fun, exciting, knowledgeable and suspense-filled. Some stories left me wondering if there would be concluding parts to them, some made me smile, laugh and think. One made me wonder why. I’d be having a second read. -Ijeoma Silas

This is good. Short, sweet and deeper than what I would expect an 18-year-old to write. -Chukwuemeka

Subscribe and check your email for the download link. If you have issues getting it. Let me know. If you’ve read it, comment your reviews or post on Facebook and tag me to it.


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